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Saving Time or Spending Time?

February 28, 2017 in Leaders Tips Videos

Focusing on saving time isn’t the best way to manage your time. Here’s a better approach.

Video Transcript

This week’s Leaders Tip is about time management. Most of us when we approach time management think of it from a standpoint of “How can I save time? How can I get things done faster or cut corners so that at the end of the day I’ve got time left for other things I want to do?” (more…)

Keys to Making Good Decisions (3 of 3): When You’re Under Pressure

January 3, 2017 in Leaders Tips Videos
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Sometimes the pressure is on, and you have to make a decision fast. Here’s one key to making a good one…

Video Transcript:

I want to continue talking on the theme of making good decisions, because making good decisions is such an important part of our life, we do it all day, every day. Some of those are really simple and easy, some of those are really big and important, and some of those need to happen in a hurry because (more…)

Keys to Making Good Decisions (2 of 3): Getting Good Information

December 16, 2016 in Leaders Tips Videos

The more information you have, the more likely a good decision. But how do you get that information?

Video Transcript

I want to continue on the theme with this week’s Leaders Tip of Making Good Decisions, simply because it is so important. You know one of the key factors in making good decisions is having enough information and having accurate information. The more you have, ideally, the better decision you’ll make. If you don’t have enough information it limits the quality of your decision making.

Here’s a tip I really want you to think about (more…)

Keys to Making Good Decisions (1 of 3): Thinking Outside the Box

November 30, 2016 in Leaders Tips Videos

Sometimes the solution to a problem isn’t obvious right away. Here’s how you can develop more options that lead to good decisions.


Video Transcript:

This week I want to talk with you about making good decisions. You know making decisions is part of our life, we make a ton of them every day and one of the key things we need to do is make good decisions, because that will impact our whole life and our organizations and the people we lead and everything else. (more…)

Leading Change

October 7, 2016 in Leaders Tips Videos

Leading change is never easy, but there is one key ingredient that is often overlooked when it comes to leading change that lasts.



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If you are a leader, at some point you are going to be in an organization that needs to change, it always happens, nothing lasts forever. And one of your challenges as a leader is learning how to lead change well. (more…)

Borrowed Discipline

September 14, 2016 in Leaders Tips Videos

Borrowing money isn’t usually a good idea. But there is one thing you can borrow that will change your life! Discipline is the best thing to borrow…



Video Transcript

I was often told growing up that I should not borrow anything, especially money, because you didn’t want to be in debt, and borrowing was just a bad idea. And I think that’s generally true, but I found there is one thing I can borrow that can be life changing. (more…)

Help Me Understand

June 30, 2016 in Leaders Tips Videos

Here’s a great tool for working with people who do things that don’t seem to make sense, or are different than what you expected.


Video Transcript

At some point you are going to have people around you who will do things that make no sense, may seem totally random. (more…)