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Leadership Development That Just Makes Sense!

How do you find answers to your questions and overcome the issues that you face?

We Started With Two Basic Convictions

The Problem is that Leadership isn’t easy!

​Christian leaders face numerous challenges…

Limited or no support or training

Unrealistic expectations

Difficult situations with many questions



Christian Leaders can now access the wealth of wisdom that is available to them, share insights from the trenches, and do it in a way that really works!

Leaders Book Summaries provides condensed versions of the best books for Christian leaders while staying true to the essence of the text and the author’s voice.

  1. Access to the Masters: Our summaries allow you to learn from accomplished leaders who have learned the hard lessons and found success.
  2. Wisdom: Carnegie Mellon University did a study that showed people who read summaries retain more than those who read full books. It’s a time-efficient way to grow in wisdom.
  3. Convenience: Members receive 30 Summaries released directly to their inbox annually. There is also a personal online library to access your summaries at any time.

I’m Ready Now

When you look at the real numbers, the cost savings are huge! 

What People Are Saying About Our Solution

John DoeUI/UX Designer

“I heartily recommend Leaders Book Summaries.”

“Leaders Book Summaries are my favorite resource. They give a quick read and yet deep insight regarding the key points of the best books of our day. At $7 a month, this is the best value on the market. I heartily recommend Leaders Book Summaries.”

Happy Leman
– Vineyard Midwest Regional Overseer

“I highly recommend his Leaders Book Summaries…”

“All leaders are readers!

Dave Frederick, founder of Leaders Book Summaries, does a great service to all of us who desire to read more in order to lead better. I highly recommend his Leaders Book Summaries service to every pastor and church leader I know.”

Nelson Searcy
– Church Leader Insights

John DoeUI/UX Designer

Leaders Book Summaries Subscription

Get instant access to condensed versions of the best books for Christian leaders. You will get the best of what is available while exercising wisdom with your resources. Join thousands of other pastors who are investing in their own growth!

Leadership Training That Really Works!

John DoeUI/UX Designer

“The summaries are a wonder tool for me”

“My reading time is an investment and Leaders Book Summaries helps me maximize the investment. Some of the summaries draw me into the book and I end up getting and reading the book, knowing it is a good investment of my time. For others, I get the main ideas, well presented, and decide not to invest further reading time right now. The summaries are a wonder tool for me.”

Elmer Lorenz
– Director of Operations TEAM

What is Stopping You?

I have been doing this a while, so I’ve heard various reasons why people assume that our summaries aren’t for them.

I am so busy that I don’t even have time to read a summary of the book.

I have heard this reason more than any other. However, this is very short-sighted reasoning. One thing that I learned many years ago is that I must prioritize what is important and deliberately act upon my choices. I would suggest that growing as a leader is of vital importance for every leader… Not investing in your own growth will come back to bite you.​

Here is a video of what Bill Hybels had to say about investing in his own growth at the Global Leadership Summit.

Bill Hybels very clearly takes responsibility for his part in his leadership growth. I love his honesty, dedication, and passion when he says, “I need to read! I have to take responsibility!” 

I assume that you identified with his statement, “I have some people I have been given charge to lead well.” It is a great responsibility that we bear as leaders— One that requires discipline and endurance.

​I also hope that you take the end of that video clip seriously when he very earnestly said, “I’m asking you leaders, take responsibility for your leadership development and read more, and read as a discipline.”

Leaders Book Summaries was born from that same passion! I want you to succeed! I want you to have the input and tools that you need to thrive! 

Here’s What’s Included With Your Subscription


  • New Summaries Delivered to Email Inbox
  • Personal Online Library
  • Pastor’s Perspective Leadership Insights
  • LeadersTips Videos


  • ​Instant Access to our Archive (230+ Titles)
  • New Summaries Delivered to Email Inbox
  • Personal Online Library
  • Pastor’s Perspective Leadership Insights
  • LeadersTips Videos


  • ​Instant Access to our Archive (230+ Titles)
  • New Summaries Delivered to Email Inbox
  • Personal Online Library
  • Pastor’s Perspective Leadership Insights
  • LeadersTips Videos
  • Sign Up Unlimited People From 1 Church Location



  • ​Instant Access to our Archive (230+ Titles)
  • New Summaries Delivered to Email Inbox
  • Personal Online Library
  • Pastor’s Perspective Leadership Insights
  • LeadersTips Videos
  • Sign-up Unlimited People From Multiple Locations

P.S.: Why leave your development to chance? You have an opportunity to use your resources wisely and invest in your growth. One thing is for sure, if you don’t act, nobody will act for you.

Yes, I want to start now!

More Thoughts From Our Readers

Rather than tell you myself why I think a subscription to Leaders Book Summaries will help you, I’d like to tell you what some of the subscribers think. And just to be clear, none of them were paid or got any personal benefit from writing these testimonials. I just sent out a letter asking subscribers to share what value they found in our service.

Here’s what they said:

John DoeUI/UX Designer

Thank you so very much for these summaries! I have a very busy life, and yet try to keep it in balance. I love to read, learn, grow, and be better equipped for everything in life. These summaries enable me to do so, yet not spend too much time doing it. I am able to read the ‘best of the best’, in one sitting, and walk away refreshed, inspired, and moving in the right direction!

John DoeUI/UX Designer

I read every one. I refer the books to others that I work with on staff and in ministry. These summaries are concise and give all the best parts of the books. I do not have time to read all of the books that I want to, but I do want to keep current on leadership skills, church management, what is going on with people and ministry ideas and best practices.

John DoeUI/UX Designer

Dave does a great job of capturing the main points, summarizing them so that they can be used immediately. It has allowed us to get more reading done and move along in our growth.

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