Keys to Making Good Decisions (2 of 3): Getting Good Information

Keys to Making Good Decisions (2 of 3): Getting Good Information

December 16, 2016 in Leaders Tips Videos

The more information you have, the more likely a good decision. But how do you get that information?

Video Transcript

I want to continue on the theme with this week’s Leaders Tip of Making Good Decisions, simply because it is so important. You know one of the key factors in making good decisions is having enough information and having accurate information. The more you have, ideally, the better decision you’ll make. If you don’t have enough information it limits the quality of your decision making.

Here’s a tip I really want you to think about and take advantage of: in getting that information, make sure you are going outside your normal circles. In other words, ask the people who are different from you, or who disagree with you, to give you their take, to give you their input on that decision. So if you are a big picture person, find some people who are very detail oriented or who are very administrative and get their input, get their perspective. If you are a task oriented person, make sure you talk to some people who are people oriented, and they’ll bring in a whole different side of the equation, a whole different list of things to think about.

Now I promise you at first that will end up feeling frustrating, because they think differently than you do and it will feel like “Now I’ve got so many more things to think about!” But doing that will give you a broad enough base of information, that in the end you’ll make better decisions by taking those things into account.

Don’t limit yourself to what you know. Or what the people around you – especially if they think like you do – what they know. Expand your base, draw widely and get as much information as you can, especially from people who think differently than you do. You’ll end up making better decisions even though it may feel difficult in the process.

So that’s my tip for this week and I encourage you to take advantage of that, next time you are making a big decision. And if this was helpful to you, or you found it encouraging would give this a like or a share or give me a comment on what you learned about making good decisions. Then we can learn together, we can share those, and all grow together. Thanks again for listening. Have a great day.

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