March 10, 2015 in Pastor's Perspective

Scale BookScale is a pure business book that takes some thought to apply to the church. I love the basic premise that we need to take time to work on our business, or ministry, and not just in it. We can get so busy working that we don’t do the things needed to actually grow our business. As one friend of mine said it, we need to work on the ministry as well as in it.

One of the insights I found helpful was the idea that planning is a continuous process, not a one-time exercise. I have never seen a plan that didn’t have to be adjusted as it met with reality. Rather than just throwing the plan out, understanding that ongoing adjustments are just part of the process, is helpful and encouraging.

The final thing that struck me was the emphasis on developing systems and processes. I wish someone had taught me about that when I was first beginning in the ministry! I think I went 15–20 years before I heard about the importance of systems and got some teaching on how to develop them. They are as important in a growing church as they are in a business. Scale details what aspects of a business need to have systems and processes developed; many apply to the church—we need to develop systems for handling our finances, planning, and leading and developing our people.

I’m curious—how much time do you put into developing systems? And how have you learned to do it?

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