Responsibility Not Title

Responsibility Not Title

May 9, 2016 in Leaders Tips Videos
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One of the most common mistakes people make is thinking that leadership is about having a title. Let’s talk about the truth…



Video Transcript:

One of the most common misconceptions about leadership. Is that it’s about having a title or a position. If you’ve got one, then you’re a leader, and if you don’t you’re not.

Now the problem is when you think that way, they focus on climbing the ladder, to increase their influence by getting a promotion or a bigger title. It doesn’t work that way. A position or title can give you the opportunity to lead, but does not make you a leader. Just because you have a title, does not mean people will trust you, or that they will follow you.

Being a leader starts when you take responsibility for making something happen. When you see a problem or an opportunity and you take ownership of it, you decide to make a difference, regardless of your title. So regardless of whether you have a title or position, when you take responsibility for making something happen or solving a problem, you’ve taken the first step in becoming a real leader.

Don’t confuse leadership with titles; there is nothing more common than a non-leader with a title. Be a person who solves problems, or takes advantage of opportunities to make something happen, and you will become a real leader. Someone who makes a difference and someone other people will follow.

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  • Lewis bruce 16:50h, 13 May

    This is so true in many Churches, people love titles but will not follow good leaders to learn. Some want even go to free leadership training!!!

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