Living Off Peak

Living Off Peak

August 24, 2015 in Leaders Tips Videos

This week I want to share a time management tip that has helped me be more efficient and less stressed—and has saved me money as well!



  • Mike Dugal 17:16h, 24 August

    Great insight of time management. However, this “off peak” living requires one to have the privilege and flexibility to such scheduling. Are senior leaders and pastors willing to support their subordinates to enjoy this principle and practice? That is the key to taking care of those who follow us. I firmly believe the marketplace will have to be convinced this is a valuable practice.

    I also recall that Jesus encountered the woman at the well during the “off peak” hours of the day. Such opportunities afford us to minister to those serving us.

  • KK 18:26h, 24 August

    I agree with the principle Dave however it has many inherent dangers also. You see most óff peak’times are quite late at night. ‘Off Peak’electricity for instance is usually in those hours when no one wants to use – late at night and early hours of the morning.
    And in mission/ministry I see many who work during the ‘off peak’times in those hours and wear themselves down, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
    Working off the peak in principle sounds good – however the natural temptation is to redeem time by working in hours meant for rest and sleep.

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