LeadersTip: Plan Your Day

  • Jon Price 17:35h, 01 October

    Great stuff! I use the GTD method, and the Nozbe app to plan my days and my projects. I agree and have experienced how much of a difference it makes to plan the night before – even to go as far as deciding what clothes I’m going to wear and having a morning ritual. In ministry, there are so many things that pop up (like hospital calls, or watching great LeadersTips videos) that we can’t plan for, it’s nice to have the margin from time saved when you have a realistic priority list for the day.

    • Dave 21:48h, 02 October

      That is so true! I’m looking at using Nozbe myself–I like what I see so far.

  • Chris 05:13h, 02 October

    Great stuff. It works when I do it. I also use an adapted version of the GTD method. The challenge comes in doing it on a consistent basis so it becomes a habit.

    • Dave 21:46h, 02 October

      I know that challenge! What have you learned that helps you to follow through?

  • Fred Collom 13:54h, 02 October

    great stuff lately I have got out of the grove to plan my day. I gonna get back in!!!
    God bless

  • Rob Kee 16:29h, 02 October

    Words to live by. Thanks for the reminder Dave.
    God bless, Rob :^)

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