LeadersTip: Clarify Your Job

  • Reynold Moses 06:45h, 21 October

    The phrase “It’s not my job to care for every single person.” took me for a loop! But the explanation that followed made a whole lot of sense and is biblical of course! It is our task to develop a caring community that ensures everyone is cared for. Thanks.

  • Kevin Simcoe 11:10h, 23 October

    Absolutely true…One of the best legacies we can leave in our leadership, is that when we step away (or get hit by a bus), whatever it is we lead, continues on as it did when we were leading it. This is the lesson Moses learned from Jethro in Exodus Chapter 18 and one all who shepherd others should follow in order to best care for others, and themselves. Empower capable men and women around you to lead.

  • David Seymour 18:06h, 23 October

    I am in agreement; I affirm this leadership tip. The problem is that I am accountable to the Council, the governing board. That board gets new people elected to it annually. With the new people come new expectations of what my job is. It seems that I am constantly defining what my job, my call, is and I am constantly having to deal with some pushback on that. The governing board is convinced that it is their job to define my job. Does anyone else experience this and do any of you have any insight that would help me?

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