The Resilience Factor
Ryan Hartwig, Leonce Crump, Warren Bird

The Resilience Factor

Want to unleash the "remarkable" in your team?

The potential of a team of God-inspired, talented, committed people is boundless. But without resilience―including the savvy and skill to get up again (and again) when the going gets tough―teams simply cannot thrive or lead well. Resilience is what sets great leaders and teams apart from those that literally fall apart. It's what's missing when great organizations lose steam.

Ryan T. Hartwig, Léonce B. Crump Jr., and Warren Bird have worked with team members in many kinds of churches and Christian organizations, served on numerous teams, and surfaced the best research on teams. In The Resilience Factor, they distill this wisdom into a series of practical steps that promise to both inspire and equip teams to move from floundering to flourishing.

Filled with examples of top-performing teams, individual and group reflection questions, diagnostic tools, and team activities, The Resilience Factor promises to become the go-to resource for leaders who want to release remarkable resilience in their teams.