Stephen Young


Big things happen when you think SMALL.

People often convey intended and unintended messages in ways that extend far beyond the words they use. A gesture, a tone, a figure of speech―it’s our unconscious biases that speak volumes. When you understand how they are manifested through “micromessages,” you operate a step ahead of everyone.

This peerless guide has helped business leaders across more than 300 companies in 35 countries to build their leadership effectiveness and a more functional workplace. Now, this new edition has been updated for a world where digital platforms and social upheaval have revolutionized the way we communicate. It provides critical new material that helps you:

* Ferret out unconscious bias
* Key into generational differences
* Drive, motivation, inspiration, and loyalty
* Increase individual and team performance

Micromessaging plugs you into the nuance of communication and shows how to leverage it for everyone’s benefit. You’ll learn not only how to accurately interpret the behavior of others but gain important insight into your own micromessaging―and learn how to tailor it to drive positive change.

Micromessaging will be one of the most important skills in your leadership repertoire. Master the subtleties of human communication and you’ll be on the road to success in no time.