Growing Leaders
James Lawrence

Growing Leaders

Seven out of ten Christian leaders feel overworked, four in ten suffer financial pressures, only two in ten have had management training and 1,500 give up their job over a ten-year period. At the same time, as financial restrictions affect the availability of full-time ministers, more people are needed for leadership roles in local congregations, for every area of church work.

This book faces the challenge of raising up new leaders and helping existing leaders to mature, using the model for growing leaders at the heart of the Arrow Leadership Programme, a ministry of the Church Pastoral Aid Society (CPAS). It comprehensively surveys leadership skills and styles, discerning our personal calling, avoiding the 'red zone' of stress, developing character, and living as part of the community of God's people.

The book contains twelve chapters, in six sections, plus a resources section: Part 1: Leadership today, Part 2: Growing leaders know they're chosen, Part 3: Growing leaders discern God's call, Part 4: Growing leaders develop Christ-like character, Part 5: Growing leaders cultivate competence, Part 6: Growing leaders lead in community.