Tyler Smith and Alison Hofmeyer


If there was a guest follow-up system being used by over 31,000 church leaders, would you be intrigued? If church leaders saw first-time guest retention far surpassing the national average, would you want to know what they’re doing? If there was a 3-step framework for building a guest follow-up system that creates more connection among members and guests and frees up more time among church staff and volunteers, would you give it a try?

Spoiler alert: there is.

Boomerang is the key to successful and sustainable guest follow-up.

Here’s what you will find in Boomerang:

* The proven 3-step framework of gather, connect, build
* The actual follow-up messages and strategies used by thousands of churches all across the country that are seeing incredible growth
* The process of building a follow-up system that will work for you, freeing up more of your time to do what got you into ministry in the first place. Boomerang, isn’t like any other church communications book.

There are no theories or hypotheticals. In Boomerang, Tyler Smith and Alison Hofmeyer share what they have learned from thousands of Text In Church members. It is packed with practical, proven, and strategic steps your church can start implementing immediately. You'll learn proven church texting strategies and guest follow-up templates that simply work.