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Leaders Book Summaries was started out of two basic convictions that came together:

  1. The Church is the hope of the world.
    When it is healthy and functioning as it should, there is no more powerful organization than the Church to impact the world. By "the Church" we mean the local church and all the agencies and ministries that work together to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ on earth.

  2. Everything rises and falls on leadership.
    The health of the church (or any organization) is connected to the quality of its leadership-to the character, integrity, and skill of those who lead it, whether they are pastors, staff, or lay leaders who impact others and influence the health and growth of the church.

Those convictions, combined with over 20 years experience planting churches and pastoring, birthed a desire to serve the leaders of the local church - to encourage, empower, and equip them to lead more effectively, both in the church and at home, school, and work. As those leaders grow into the people God has intended, the church becomes what God has intended, peoples lives are transformed, and the world is impacted.

Leaders Book Summaries are one avenue to further that. It has been said that the two things that influence us as leaders are the books we read and the people we associate with. We can't affect who you associate with, but we can enable you to make the most of your reading. Focusing your reading, getting the key principles, and applying them is what makes you grow.

Leaders are learners, and the best leaders are life-long learners. That usually means life-long readers. The challenge in our day is the limited resources - lack of time and money to be able to invest in that learning. What if you could gain the benefit of that reading at a fraction of the cost, in both time and money? Now you can!

It only takes 10-20 minutes to read the summary of a book, and still get the important truths that it conveys. One study actually showed that more learning was retained by reading summaries than by reading the actual books. And isn't that the point - not just to read, but to learn?

At the same time, books can be costly. Few of us have the resources to be able to buy all that we would like to, even if we had the time to read them. LBS solves that: For the cost of just a few books, you get 30 summaries a year. A treasure trove of learning that doesn't require a treasure to gain!

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