Leadership When the Heat's On
Danny Cox

Leadership When the Heat's On

Effective leaders are at their best when pressure is the highest. Leadership When the Heat's On provides you with hands-on techniques for infusing your company with results-driven leadership at every level, especially during times of mergers, layoffs, and other organizational turmoil. This hands-on rulebook shows you how to inspire employees--and motivate them to breakthrough performance--with guidelines on how to:
Move beyond your limitations
Develop characteristics of great leaders
Cultivate characteristics of an effective organization
Build a high-performance team
Find the right manager
Set goals
Encourage creativity
Lead through change
People aren't born to be high-performing leaders; they just learn to develop the time-proven characteristics of great leadership. Discover those characteristics in Leadership When the Heat's On and start now to transform costly and counterproductive negative energies into positive influences--and unleash a sense of purpose throughout your organization.