Healthy Wake

Healthy Wake

June 24, 2015 in Leaders Tips Videos


One way to identify a good leader is by looking at their wake—the trail they leave behind. In this week’s LeadersTip, we’ll take a look at what makes a good “wake” and what doesn’t, and how to straighten it out if we’ve gone crooked.


  • Joy 17:35h, 24 June

    Thanks Dave – very thought-provoking. I’ve known leaders who leave dead bodies in their wake! This is never a good thing. And thanks for the useful question to ask others.

    • Dave 23:44h, 24 June

      Thanks Joy! I’ve known a few of those leaders too.

  • Joseph Harris 10:43h, 25 June

    How do I handle/deal with being a people pleaser?
    First, I had to own that I had a problem with being a people pleaser. The next action step was to pray and ask God to help me overcome.
    The overcoming came in the form of awareness. Whenever an opportunity arose to succumb to people pleasing, I would be made aware. Now it’s up to me to decide what path to take, people pleasing or no.
    the more I chose to not people please, the more the new behavior becomes my norm.

  • Steve Malson 08:02h, 27 June

    Very insightful illustration. I’ll try to remember to give you credit every time I use it, brother!

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