book iconAbout Dave Frederick

I've had several friends and counselors encourage me to include a bio in this website - so people can know I'm not a flake, that this is a legitimate service, and that I am "qualified" to provide it.

So where to start? I could talk about being in ministry for 30 years, about planting churches that plant other churches, buying buildings, giving campaigns, zoning fights, strategizing and goal-setting, etc; I could talk about people saved, lives changed, and pastors and leaders raised up at all levels.

I've done or been part of all of those things, but frankly, that isn't where my insights come from, or what "qualifies me" to do something like this.

Some people seem to go from glory to glory, success to success, as if they have the magic touch or some special favor from God. I'm not one of them.

I'm the guy who walked through deep waters and came out on the other side, still standing, still moving forward, and learning through it all. I've built strong, healthy churches, but it didn't come easy.

I know the struggle of planting churches, wondering if this work I thought God called me to was really going to make it. I've also known what it is to supervise a wonderful staff in an exciting, growing church.

I've experienced the loss of loved ones, wrestled with my wife having cancer, and questioned God. I've also raised three kids who love God and the church - maybe my proudest achievement (of course, most of the credit goes to my wife of 22 years, but it's my bio...)

During my years I have seen the joy of people coming to Christ, lives being transformed, ministries started, leaders developed, and churches planted and strengthened. I have also known the pain of my own failures and blind spots, and the cost of other people's. I've experienced the heartbreak of disappointment and betrayal, struggled with God, myself, and those around me, and came out on the other end still saying "God is good."

Through it all, my love for God and the church has grown. In every success and failure, mountain and valley I have seen the ripple effect of good and bad leadership affecting the lives of people we do not even know. How we lead and who we are as leaders has eternal consequences! Out of these experiences a deep desire has been birthed in me to serve the Kingdom of God by encouraging its leaders and helping them succeed. There is nothing that gives me more satisfaction than to be a launching pad for others, to help them accomplish the things God has given them to do.

What I've learned about leadership, I've learned in the trenches. I'm a practitioner, not just a theorist. I understand experientially the skills required, as well as the character traits, relational dynamics, and emotional issues that are involved in becoming a strong, healthy leader and raising up and developing other leaders. When I read a book, write a summary, or give my insights, it comes from the trenches, and I pray that LBS will serve you in yours.